German Literature Course (Level C2)

If you have passed the Goethe-Zertifikat C2 or have a comparable level of German, but nevertheless wish to expand your vocabulary and improve your oral skills, then this course will meet your needs.
Here the different periods and styles of German literature – from the classics to the modern – will be read and examined. Before the course even begins you will receive a list of works to be read with the dates of the session when each work will be discussed. In this way you will be prepared to participate in the discussion upon which these sessions are based. This course has the duo-purpose of reading, perhaps for the first time, important works of German literature and improving your oral skills in the language itself through discussion.

The course is offered on a subscription basis, which entitles you to attend 6 out of 8 possible 2-hour sessions.

It is possible to attend the first session on a trial basis.

Course Details  
Dates 7 January – 5 August 2021
Day and Time Thursday, 19.30 – 21.30, always on the first Thursday of the month. 
Session Length 120 minutes
Course Fee CHF 540.- for 6 sessions (12 hours)
Number of Participants 1 – 3 participants
(we wear masks)