About us

The complexity of a language can be compared to that of a large city: it consists of motorways, A roads, and business districts, but also entails residential areas and tiny, twisting side streets.

The longer one lives in a city, the better one knows it and the more confidently one can find his/her way. One learns the quickest routes to specific destinations and knows where the city is most beautiful and charming. However, two people can live for years in the same city and despite this commonality, they experience life from completely different perspectives, according to different criteria and when asked where the most beautiful place in the city is, will most likely not give the same answer.

When teaching languages, we take this into consideration: one can approach the “city language” from many possible directions, with individual goals, different speeds and diverse support materials. We are convinced that no two people learn in the same exact way, and are therefore dedicated, in cooperation with you, to find the most appropriate and fitting teaching method, in order to guarantee your success.

To enable us to reach this goal, we teach small groups of no more than 8 people. By allowing us to take your personal circumstances and existing knowledge into consideration, individual mentoring guarantees efficient, optimal and lasting learning.